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Top Trends for Your Central Illinois Yard in 2016


As summer gets closer and outdoor activities increase, you’ll want your yard to look fresh and up to date. For 2016, it seems the trend is ‘less is more’, and a focus on quality, not quantity. A few trends for the coming months for 2016 for outdoor spaces that our lawncare experts have seen are:

Indoors Comes Outside

Have an old couch or coffee table that you don’t have any use for anymore? Put it outside. Putting furniture that’s meant for indoors outside is a great way to liven up the mood for any yard or patio and give your outdoor space a homier feel. Depending on the piece, you might need to weatherproof or paint, especially for wood furniture. Think outside the box and place decorative items outside like hanging picture frames and mirrors on an outdoor wall for more dimension.

Subtler Gardens

Instead of over the top, super ornate gardens, this year, taking a page out of Japanese Garden design is gaining popularity. Try using a neutral monochrome theme for plants, not bright colors that will only look good in the summer. Choosing more greens plants and using moss will keep your garden looking subtle and soothing and not overly crowded.


Following with the less is more theme, a more environmentally friendly yard is becoming popular. Try using drought tolerant plants that require less water and are more economical. Try honey-bush or a potted Monterey cypress for low water decorative plants around sitting areas. Sustainability also can mean using recycled and found items in your yard for decoration. Visit garage sales or thrift stores for great outdoor items at a fraction of the retail price.

Creating Outdoor Experiences

Everything you have inside you can recreate outside on your lawn. From grills to fire places to covered areas, etc.; recreating an indoor room outside is a great way to add some personality to your yard and patio. Cooking and dining spaces outside are very popular this year, creating an outdoor “kitchen” can be a great way to get people outside.


In 2016, creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly garden is becoming very popular. An emphasis on reusing items and giving items new life is a great way to make your patio the place to be. Instead of lush, overly decorated outdoor spaces, creating a subtle and inviting space is the way to go!

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