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Residential Lawn Care Peoria & Bloomington/Normal IL

Professional Residential Lawn Care Services in Central Illinois

As a leading Residential Lawn Care company in Central Illinois, we understand you want your lawn to look healthy, manicured, and beautiful. Not only does this make your property more usable for you and your family, but a well-maintained yard creates a great first impression for guests and members of your neighborhood.

That’s why you should rely on affordable, expert Peoria residential lawn care services from Everett Lawn Care.

Peoria Residential Lawn Care with Personable Service

At Everett Lawn Care, our small size lets us offer a high level of personal service to our residential lawn care customers in Peoria & Bloomington IL. We’ll remember how you like your grass cut, how you like your edging done, and where to blow off or bag the trimmings.

We can handle any Peoria residential lawn care job from small plots to multi-acre lawns, and you’ll love the attention to detail from our lawn care experts. We can create a schedule for you based upon your own preferences, and work with you to create the exact look you want for your residential lawn.

Residential Lawn Care Services for Peoria & Bloomington IL

At Everett Lawn Care in Peoria, IL, we’re all about the full service experience. Among the residential lawn care services we offer include:


We can establish clear borders and clean edges around your trees, bushes, planters, lawn ornaments and flower beds with both power and manual techniques.


We use the best tools to reach the places that larger equipment can’t access, adding that final touch to remove grass growing against fences and other structures.


We take care of residual grass clippings to your satisfaction, using a blower to remove unsightly debris or plant remains from your sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and other areas.

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Our professional residential lawn care services in Central Illinois can be customized to any level you prefer, and we are experienced in dealing with pets, renovations, furniture, gardens, and natural or environmental challenges. If you’re interested in finding out how Everett Lawn Care can help maintain your lawn and clean up your yard, contact us today.