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Tree Removal Service Peoria & Bloomington IL

Professional Tree Removal in Central Illinois

Trees are a fantastic feature in any yard, providing shade and weather moderation, keeping air and water clean, holding soil in place, and adding to the beauty and utility of your outdoor spaces. Sometimes, though, as tree age, you may find yourself needing professional Tree Removal services for your Central Illinois home. That’s where the experts at Everett Lawn Care Come in.

We can visit your property and perform a tree risk assessment to determine the health of the tree, as well as any possible dangers. We’ll look at many elements, including the potential frequency of breakage, root and trunk damage, insect and disease infestation, and signs of environmental stress. We also investigate the tree’s position in the yard. We look at its spacing relative to other structures, plantings, or power lines to determine of tree removal or tree trimming is necessary.

Peoria Tree Removal & Trimming Services

Once we have the facts, we can make suggestions to improve safety, and promote growth and aesthetic appeal. These may include the following Peoria Tree Removal or Trimming services:


Tree removal is a procedure best done by experienced professionals. We use the best mechanical equipment and understand the intricacies involved in felling trees safely and effectively.


Proper trimming can enhance the beauty and health of your tree, and safeguard the value of your property. We understand how to make proper cuts while ensuring the soundness of the root system and trunk.

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At Everett Lawn Care, we have experience working with a wide range of tree types. Each has its own challenges and issues, so we look at each property separately and create a custom quote geared to your specific needs. We realize that tree removal can be difficult, both physically and emotionally. Mistakes are costly here, so we wish to make sure we offer you the best service possible. Contact us today for a quote.